• Different modes to use
  • Swing, twist, fly
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Must be fixed to ceiling
Flying GP set€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT
Color: show pallete
Color: show pallete
Extra€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT

  • Different modes to use
  • Free hanging flying pole
  • Flying in circles using the base
  • The base is not fixed to floor, it has rubber od the bottom side
  • It is possible to buy each part separately
  • Udjustable angle for flying in circles
  • The set includes: flying pole and the base
  • maximum slope is 45° from vertical
  • the lenght of the pole is 2,9m
  • with 45° slope, the pole makes circles with 3,8m diameter 
  • we suggest minimum space of 5m diameter to use Flying GP Set
  • To install the set you will also need a hook to adjust to ceiling, a rope/wire a carabine with twister (swivel). The pole should hang on a climbing loon and also on a carabine with twister. All these accesories you will soon find in our products or you can get it in a climbing store.

  • Color steel, selection of metallic red/orange/grey and king blue
  • The pole has 42mm diameter, in one piece
  • The base is black color and has robber on the bottom side
  • add silicon for the best grip
  • silicon is transparent, so you can still have any color you want
  • adds 4mm to the pole diameter

How to install Flying GP set - watch video 

Price List:

Flying GP set  without VAT including VAT
SET of the pole and the base 430 Euro/
495 USD
520 Euro
POLE only 183 Euro  222 Euro
BASE  only 295 Euro/
340 USD
357 Euro
116 USD
133 Euro

Note: shipping and montage are not included. These prices are valid from 23.11. 2015.