Gympole products are not unique only for the highest quality,
they are also unique for high compatibility of parts.
We are extremely focused on flexibility (we can customize the products to suit you) and compatibility.
We do our products to be user-friendly.


Gympole Flange Classic

You can choose between Gympole Classic Flange (on the left) and Gympole Flying Flange (on the right). Both flanges fit to all Gympole Stages and Gympole Active.

Gympole Stage

Gympole Active

As you can see in the pictures above, you can use all Gympole flanges in all variations of Gympole Stage.

Gympole Active

Moreover, both Gympole Flanges are compatible with Gympole Active.  It is very easy to switch the flanges as you can see in the video below.