• Quick and easy installationlightweight
  • High stability
  • Static and spin mode with Oneclick system
  • Compatible with Gympole stage = complete indoor&outdoor solution 
Gympole active€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT
8801 065
Pole length:
1 0301 246
1 9002 299
Separate parts€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT
Pole length:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • High stability
  • Static and spin mode with Oneclick system
  • Compatible with Gympole stage = complete indoor&outdoor solution 
  • High quality materials and technologies, cen be left outside
  • Finding it hard to let go of that pole when travelling, taking trips, or during your holiday? Active pole may just be the right solution for you. Do you have a favourite spot in the forest, meadow, or on the shore of a lake and thought to yourself that putting up a pole there would be impossible?
  • Think again! Prop the pole on your shoulder and off you go to explore off-the-beaten path spots. No more carrying heavy stages! All you need is to find a spot with clay soil, give the Active pole a few turns and watch the magic happen in the least likely of places.
  • The Gympole Active pole can be put into the ground in a matter of minutes. The pole features a specially designed ground screw and key. Place the central bearing unit onto the screw, insert the pole and you’re ready to take in the view of the most breathtaking places. Add something special to your photo collection!
  • The trademark feature of all Gympole products is the Oneclick system, and Active pole is no exception. Enjoy both modes – static and spin without the need of any extra tools.
  • Active pole is also compatible with the premium Gympole stage. The central bearing unit with the Oneclick system can be easily joined with the Gympole stage base. Get two poles for the prices of one-and-a-half pole!

Gympole ACTIVE sets contain:

  • Gympole Active (880€, 965$)
  • ground screw system
  • oneclick system
  • pole of one piece, 240cm high (optional 260cm/280cm/300cm)
  • Gympole Active Pro (1030€, 1125$)
  • ground screw system
  • oneclick system
  • pole made of 2 pieces in a carry bag,
  • height of the pole is 306cm
  • Gympole Superior set (1900€, 2100$)
  • complete Gympole Stage, with pole made of 2 pieces and all carry cases
  • ground screw system
  • pole height is 306cm
  • use as the Active or the Stage

This is a complete indoor&outdoor solution, the oneclick system is easily removed from the ground screw system and adjusted to the base of Gympole Stage. The pole fits to the oneclick system.

Technical parameters and details:

  • pole material is stainless steel mirror gloss for the best grip
  • 45mm pole diameter
  • 240cm pole height in basic variation
  • 260cm, 280cm and 300cm pole height variations upon request, free of charge
  • 306cm pole height in Gympole Active Pro set, Active&Stage set and Gympole Stage Extra set
  • static and spin mode with Oneclick system
  • weight of complete system and tools is 20,5Kg, weight of the pole is 5kg
Gympole Active options Euro excluding VAT Euro including 21%VAT (not charged out of the EU)
Gympole Active 880€ / 965$ 1,065€
Gympole Active Pro 1,030€ / 1,125$ 1,246€
Gympole Superior set 1,900€ / 2,100$ 2,299€
Separate parts 
Pole made of 2 pieces, carry bag 310€ / 330$ 375€
Pole made of 1 piece, 240-300cm high 110€ / 190$ 133€
Ground Screw system for Active 320€ / 340$ 387€
Only the base of the Stage 900€ 1089€