Pole dance poles for studios

  • We offer full service for pole dance studios
  • one-piece poles with perfect spin mode and Oneclick system
  • Consultations and montage 
  • Custom alternations
  • Solutions for different kinds of buildings
  • The best solution for studios is Studio Gympole edition, it is fixed to floor and ceiling, does not put pressure to building, wooden ceiling or wooden beams are not a problem
  • Studio GP are 100% secure poles made for everyday heavy duty 
  • If your studio needs to use the room with and without poles, the best solution is Studio Gympole Removable
  • the top part stays fixed to ceiling, the botom can be removed to side or even to ceiling in a minute.


  • Fixed to floor and ceiling
  • Ideal for pole dance studios
  • Oneclick system
  • Perfect spin mode
Prices from €399
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  • Multifunctional studio
  • Bottom part can be tilted in 1 minute
  • Oneclick system
Prices from €519
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