• Multifunctional studio
  • Bottom part can be tilted in 1 minute
  • Oneclick system
Material of pole€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Color: show pallete
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)

  • ​​Ideal for studios with different kind of classes
  • The pole can be removed within one minute
  • Nothing stays on the floor
  • Bottom part is fixed to floor with two screws and can be easily removed to side or even to ceiling
  • Top part stays on the same place all the time
  • Professional pole dance pole suitable for pole dance studios with everyday pole usage. While creating our poles, we use materials of the most quality including first-rate bearings. This will guarantee long lasting lifespan and excellent spin mode.
  • Oneclick system.
  • 45mm diameter
  • Studio GP poles are not pressure mounted, so the spin mode is truly perfect and is convenient for professional training.
  • Installation of one pole takes approximately 1 hour. Gympole offers installation as a complementary service.

Material selection:
  • Stainless steel - mirror gloss
  • Brass - up to 4,11 meters. Having a higher ceiling? Contact
  • Color - by RAL sampler, max curv 3mm/1m



Material Euro without VAT Euro with VAT
Stainless steel < 3,1 m 519 628
Stainless steel 3,1-3,5 m 570 690
Stainless steel 3,5 - 4,5m 630 762
Color  547 662
Brass 710 859

Note: shipping and montage are not included. These prices are valid from 23.11. 2015.