• Fixed to floor and ceiling
  • Ideal for pole dance studios
  • Oneclick system
  • Perfect spin mode
Material of pole€ without 21% VAT€ incl. 21% VAT
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)
Color: show pallete
Pole length: (ceiling-floor distance)

  • Professional pole dance pole tightly fixed to ceiling and floor. They are suitable for pole dance studios with everyday pole usage. While creating our poles, we use materials of the most quality including first-rate bearings. This will guarantee long lasting lifespan and excellent spin mode.
  • Oneclick systém
  • Studio GP poles are not braced between walls so the spin mode is truly perfect and is convenient for professional training.
  • Installation of one pole takes approximately 1 hour. Gympole offers installation as a complementary service.
  • Diameter of the pole is 45 mm.


Material selection:

  • Stainless steel - mirror gloss
  • Brass - up to 4,11 meters. Having a higher ceiling? Contact
  • Color - by RAL sampler, max curv 3mm/1m


Price list:

Material of pole € without 21% VAT € including 21% VAT
Stainless steel < 3.2 m 399 483
Stainless steel 3.2–3.5 m 450 545
Stainless steel 3.5–4,5 m 510 617
Color 427 517
Brass 590 714


Note: shipping and montage are not included. These prices are valid from 23.11. 2015.